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Soil blocking with Em Hofgren

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Welcome to our discussion with Em Hofgren on soil blocking techniques and accessibility!


0:00 Intro clip

1:04 Intro continued and Background

4:09 Benefits, drawbacks and approaches to soil blocking

17:48 Organizing and charting seedlings

19:22 Accessibility to soil blocking and other available options

Below are some helpful links if you want to try to make your own soil blocker and learn more about the origins of the practice!

An article by Eliot Coleman on the origins of soil blocking:

Here are a few options for making your own soil blocker:

Lego micro blocks:

Lego Mega block:

Here’s an article from Johnny’s (again by Eliot Coleman) regarding soil blocking and soil recipe suggestions (I use Johnny’s germination mix).  There are also a number of helpful seed-starting links on this page:

Em has also offered to send microgreen starter kits to anyone that is interested! For any questions about this and other topics, Em can be contacted via instagram @sef.alopod, and they will provide their phone number to folks on request if they have questions and don’t use instagram DMs!

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