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eXEditors are a set of 16 icons developed in cooperation between a computer designer and a graphics artist. The icons were designed to cover all main fields of computer graphics, such as drawing, mathematics, 2D and 3D rendering, design, CAD, simulation, measurement, programming and databases. Also, a wide range of sophisticated 3D engines were used in the development of the editors. As a result, the editors in this package possess a wide variety of applications, such as shape editing, number and mask editing, data entry, equation editing, picture/icon editing, texture editing, and vector editing.The design of the eXEditors package is based on the principles of neat, clean, and logical. Because of this, the package comes with a menu bar to hold the 16 editors, a separate TabControl to hold the editing controls for each editor, and a big set of tooltips to hold the necessary information about each editor. Furthermore, there are separate toolbars for each editor, and each of the toolbars has its own context menu which will be described in the appropriate chapter of this documentation.A big feature of the package is the ability to switch a single icon or a group of icons to 3-state checkboxes. This way, the user can quickly switch the whole set of icons to either on or off at a single time.Recent updates to these controls:200_XX_XX-CE-1.1.3.msi200_XX_XX-CE-1.1.2.msi200_XX_XX-CE-1.1.1.msi200_XX_XX-CE-1.0.1.msi200_XX_XX-CE.zip200_XX_XX-LE-1.1.3.msi200_XX_XX-LE-1.1.2.msi200_XX 08929e5ed8

EXEditors (Final 2022)

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