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Intersectional Farming with Maitland Mountain Farm

Updated: Sep 4

Our interviews and podcast series continues.

Episode 4 takes us to Salem, Massachusetts where we get to know the stories and people behind Maitland Mountain Farm. Maitland Mountain Farm is a family farm best known for their pickles, but owners Holly and Andy have an effect on their community past their value added products.

We start by talking with Dr. Miyabe Shields, a research scientist with a background in endocannabinoid pharmaceutical sciences. Miyabe runs Project Chronic, and works at Maitland Mountain Farm as a farm hand and as the Natural Medicines Program officer. Miyabe talks about their experience of integrating into a new town, and how working on the farm has played a role in that.

We then speak with Holly Maitland, who tells us the history of Maitland Mountain Farm, including its multi-generational homesteading roots. Holly shares about the development of the Maitland Mountain CSA, and how it’s rooted in the community’s needs.

Lastly, we get to speak with Andy Varela who is, among many other things, the husband of Holly, a local city councilor, and quite the cook! Andy provides insight into what it looks like to navigate the local political landscape as it intersects with food, agriculture and medicine.It was absolutely a pleasure to speak with some of the people behind the Maitland Mountain Farm operation, and I’m looking forward to see the ways they continue to weave with their community and embrace sovereignty.

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