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Local and Global Perspectives with Vivian and Dorothy Lee

Welcome back to the Community Agriculture Project podcast.

In episode 10, we sit down with Vivian and Dorothy Lee to compare and contrast their experiences through time studying and working in the food system. Vivian discusses her experience working at farms and gardens in the New Brunswick area, and how that eventually lead to their position working with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) on the supply chain of different food/commodities like beef and leather. Dorothy reflects on their journey of starting a composting club at their university, their post-graduate experience with AmeriCorps, and working on a farm in Massachusetts. They also discuss their more recent experiences working as a linecook and baker.

We go on to reflect on the different forms of community that arise in these environments, and find ourselves discussing various scales of community as they relate to food or agriculture or both. We touch on community in family, friends, neighborhoods, work support groups, mutual aid and buy nothing groups, and just generally people with similar drives and passion. We talk about dreams of what agriculture can and might look like in the future, thinking about topics like seaweed, algae and carbon sequestration.

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