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Community Air Quality Monitoring with Trevor During

Today I talked with Trevor, a student researcher studying Sustainable Development and Environmental Chemistry at Columbia University. In this episode, we discuss Trevor’s initial inspiration for setting up air quality testing equipment in his community, the theory of purple air sensors and how they are implemented for environmental testing, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) HYSPLIT models, and the relation of this data collection with community agency and community advocacy.

Below are the resources from Trevor that we mentioned throughout the episode: - PurpleAir sensors - A workshop showing you how to set up HYSPLIT on your computer, good luck! Start with day 1 and installation and go from there. If you have a windows computer, I can help! If you have a MacBook and figure it out, let’s collab! - Try out the web-based program to run your own models without installing. - NOAA ARL - Various papers and texts!

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