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Biodynamics with the Morning Star Farm of Taos

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

I became aware of Morning Star farm when I still had a WWOOF membership. I was browsing farms in New Mexico, and came across Morning Star and Melinda Bateman. After looking into the farm’s website and description, my curiosity peaked at the idea of biodynamics. I wanted to learn more about it, and thankfully I could visit her in New Mexico and find out first hand.

In this video, we discuss her background in farming, introductory concepts of biodynamics, compost practices, working in agriculture around the world, and learning and education related to agriculture.

I also asked Melinda which resources have been helpful for her on her journey of farming and learning about biodynamics. She shared the following:


Hugh Courtney - Famous prep maker

Hugh Lovel - Biodynamic Practitioner

Quantum Agriculture, soil science


Agriculture Course, Rudolf Steiner

Gardening for Life, Maria Thun

Beginners Book for Biodynamics


Josephine Porter Institute

Sells biodynamics prep commercially

Newsletter, books, planting calendars

Biodynamic Association

National conferences

Elaine Ingham

Soil science

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