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Yahezequiel Walker and the Triiibe Foundation

Updated: 4 days ago

Hello and welcome back to the Community Agriculture Project podcast. In episode 6 we sit down with Yahezequiel Walker, aka Yazi, to talk about his work in soil and community.

We discuss the work that Yazi does with the Triiibe Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio, and how his community has influenced the way that that work is done. This topic leads us to discussing ideas in leadership, and what is means for Yazi to heal and facilitate healing in his hometown. We talk about how change happens, from a culture perspective to a land regeneration perspective. Yazi ties in his knowledge of soil smithing and soil science, and how he is working to increase accessibility to in this sphere by removing language barriers.

If you want to reach out to Yazi, you can do so with the following contact:

@yazi13 on instagram

Check out the work of the Triiibe foundation here:

Stay tuned for more of Season 1! Don’t forget to check out our website at

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