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(Decolonized) Permaculture and Community in the Bay with Let Our People Grow

Updated: Sep 4

Welcome back to the Community Agriculture Project Podcast. Welcome to Episode 5. This episode was shot in Vallejo, California in the Let Our People Grow garden and nursery. Let Our People Grow is a regenerative permacultural nursery focused on making food sovereignty and food security more accessible.

The original goal for this episode was to showcase just the work being done in the garden, but it ended up being much more than that. The group of us, including Jesse, Rob, Charnaya, Jezrel and Emily, spent the day cooking and drawing deeper connections with eachother and the community through food. We harvested lions mane and oyster mushrooms directly from the mushroom grow tent, managed by Rob and Jesse, that is on site at Let Our People Grow. We sourced our food locally, cooked with fresh garden ingredients and made a nourishing plant-based meal inspired by the creativity of Charnaya and Rob. We sat around a table in the garden and had conversations appreciating the meal we had put so much love into. All of this was captured by Jezrel of REELxpozure.

In the conversation that followed our meal, we get to touch on the stories of all of the people that were present that day. We found common ground through this conversation, and speak on all of the ways community relates to our missions. The Let Our People Grow space has been and will continue to be a beacon of community agriculture for the Bay Area, and we were lucky to connect in such a special place.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Community Agriculture Project. Please check out the work of all the individuals that contributed to this episode, and stay tuned for the rest of season 1 and the bonus episodes we have on deck for you.

Jesse Preciado: @preciadofied, @letoutpeople_grow

Rob Lopez: @decolonizehongos, @roblopez_iam

Charnaya Kimbrough: @intuitiveeats_

Jezrel White: @reelxpozure

Emily Davis: @communityagproject

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