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# 15 - Jusleen Basra and The Impact of Food

Jusleen Basra and I converse over her recently released article The Impact of Food: Distributing Resilience through Language and Practice. In this discussion, we talk about language, experiential learning, distributed resilience, anthropology in the food and agriculture space, food interactivism, and food sovereignty and security.

Food (inter)activism: Riley, Kathleen C., and Amy L. Paugh. 2019. Food and Language : Discourses and Foodways Across Cultures. New York, NY: Routledge.

Student Farm:

Salvation Farms was a large part of Jusleen's project, and although we did not get a chance to discuss their work to the extent they deserve, Jusleen wanted to share the following link so you can explore what this organization is about. Salvation Farms works to create resilience in Vermont's food system through "surplus food management" and programs that engage farms, institutions, and community members across the state.

Salvation Farms:

Spotify stream:

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